The speakers below have given their approval to publish their presentation, held during the congress. Please click on the title, to download the presentation in a pdf.

Anderson S. (USA) Biovigilance in the USA INV-09
Andrzejewski C. (USA) Transfusion-associated dyspnea (TAD): “A ROSE”* by many other names INV-04
Bueno J.L (Spain) Near-misses in sample collection and in blood component transfusion. An incidence study using an electronic transfusion safety system O-S2-3
Bueno J.L (Spain) Active Quarantine Haemovigilance programs multiply the adverse events rates.The HEMACUA project O-S4-3
Leung R. (China) Hospital-based haemovigilance programme in a Quaternary Hospital in Hong Kong: A decade of experience O-S4-2
Mistry H. (United Kingdom) Up-to-date competency assessments do not prevent transfusion with wrong components (WCT) following laboratory-related errors O-S2-3
Payrat J.M. (USA) Robust inactivation of Yellow Fever Virus 17D vaccine strain can be achieved by photochemical treatment of platelet concentrates O-S3-2
Pajk J. (Slovenia) Adverse events on blood donors in Transfusion center General Hospital Celje from 2014 to 2017 O-S1-2
Rajbhandary S. (USA) Introducing a Cloud-Based Hemovigilance System for Data Collection and Analysis: Lessons Learned from the Hemovigilance Program in Ghana O-S4-4
Sandid I. (France) Towards characterization of acute pain transfusion reactions O-S2-2
Štimac R. (Croatia) Acute haemolytic transfusion reactions in Croatia – 10 years overview O-S4-1
Tiberghien P. (France) The best blood donor and blood product for each patient: an evolving role for haemovigilance? INV-06
Tiberghien P. (France) Risk factors for tiredness after blood donation O-S1-3
Tolksdorf F. (Germany) PAS-E platelet additive solution haemovigilance report, residual risk and risk/benefit update  O-S3-3
Watt A. (United Kingdom) Human Factors initiatives in haemovigilance: Preliminary experience from Serious Hazards of Transfusion (SHOT) INV-16)

Wiersum-Osselton J.C.
(The Netherlands) 

TACO: A Call to Action  INV-02 
Wiersum-Osselton J.C.
(The Netherlands) 
Fatigue following whole blood donation: electronic survey in a cohort of young new and novice donors  O-S1-4
Wiersum-Osselton J.C.
(The Netherlands)
Hemovigilance: are we making a difference? Award winner
Williams L.H. (USA)  Just in time blood delivery  INV-11
Wood E. (Australia) Serious Transfusion Incident Reporting: a key activity of the Australian ‘Blood Matters’ blood management program O-S3-5